• Target: NDI Inspection of the MotoGP Chassis
  • Service: SIP- Standard Inspection Process
  • Technology: DR – NDI Advanced Technique
  • Description: NDI Inspection via DR (Direct Radiography) of the main welded structure in order to assess any relevant defect like porosity, cracks or lack of fusion. The test has been carried out in our laboratory and we managed to inspect the 80% of the welded connection and 60 digital images were collected. Some major defects were mapped.


  • Target: NDI Inspection of carbon fibre wheel rim
  • Service: SIP- Standard Inspection Process
  • Technology: Computed Axial Tomography
  • Description: Random inspection via full CT scan of the wheel rim production for a specific limited edition serie. The advanced post processing allows to calculate the actual thickness of any section of the wheel rim and to search automatically the existence of air voids or other relevant discontinuities.


  • Target: NDI Inspection of crashed carbon fibre MotoGP swing arms
  • Service: Flying Inspector Process
  • Technology: Phaseography® combined technique
  • Description: NDI Inspection of the damaged MotoGP swing arms after eventual crashes (during qualifying, warm ups, races). This is a particular emergency service in order to assess as fast as possible the integrity of the component.